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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Party Bus

We’re pretty sure one look at our party bus specifications will speak for themselves and have you desperate to make a booking. But do you want to know some really great reasons why party busses are awesome?

By offering a Fort Lauderdale party bus and being there at all the best parties, we’ve ranked our top 5 reasons why you should hire a party bus.

  1. The Party Lasts Longer

With the very best parties no one wants to leave. At the beginning of the evening you’re just desperate to get going. Conversely no one wants to get up at the end of the night, and hit the downer that is the ride home.

Isn’t it frustrating that so much potential party time is wasted on travel? A party bus Fort Lauderdale eliminates that. Your party starts from your front door and continues until you close that door behind you at the end of the night.

Whether your party bus experience is about transporting you to the party, or the party itself, the party lasts longer.

  1. No One is a Killjoy Over Safety

If there are a large number of guests then your party atmosphere can easily be stifled by having many designated drivers. This essential part of self-transportation is eliminated with a party bus.

In fact, you can have multiple pick up and drop off points. No one needs to think about staying alert and sober for the night. Everyone is just out to have fun together.

What’s more you can be sure that your vehicle is top-of-the-range, accompanied by an experienced and vetted driver – someone to get you all safely to and home from the party. Our Fort Lauderdale party bus drivers are fun yet courteous, professional yet understand your desire to have a good time.

  1. There’s Convenience for Big Groups

Big groups who want to travel together have limited options, yet if you don’t travel together you’re missing out. A party bus ensures fantastic togetherness for medium size parties.

No one can wander off and change the atmosphere, or diminish the vibe. The group won’t be in danger of splitting into small groups which never mingle again for the rest of the party.

Instead, you’re all together, conveniently and without hassle.

  1. You Get a Customized Party

You want your party to be memorable. That means you need to know you can customize your party experience so that there are unique elements which stand out from the crowd.

A party bus is ideal for this, especially if you pick one which is both top-of-the-range and comes with a range of entertainment options. For example, with fiber-optic lights, sound systems, and a staggering four TVs, you really can go to town.

The classic sophisticated interiors and hardwood floors and the white exterior of our 44-50 passenger Party Bus Freightliner will ensure your theme will fit in whatever you choose.

  1. You Can Party With the Sights

Party bus rental Fort Lauderdale is also enticing because when you’ve got such a great venue with the sights and climate of our city, you don’t need to be stuck inside!

Instead get out and make our local area part of the party by making a route which adds to the party. Head down to the beach or take in numerous bars and casinos, or select your route to a venue. With our 60,000 BTU roof air conditioning unit you can be sure that you’ll party away from the humidity.

Book a Party Bus Fort Lauderdale

At FL Limoride we are exceptionally proud of our party bus. There’s room for up to 50 party-goers, four televisions, sound system, DVD player, Karaoke, strobe and laser lighting, fiber-optic lighting, hardwood floors, plenty of storage and even a sink and toilet.

To make an online enquiry or to find out more about our party bus see here. Alternatively, call us 24/7 on 954-715-7444.