Terms and Conditions

  • Terms And Conditions payment acknowledges and agrees:

  • The person responsible for payment acknowledges and agrees that all charges and deposits are assessed by fllimoride.com Company and are not refundable if the service is terminated.Best Limousine Company in South Florida
  • Acceptable payment options include cash, checks, and major credit cards. 3.5% surcharge on credit cards.
  • All deposits and balances that remain unpaid are authorized by the Customer, with either verbal or signed acceptance of the services.Best Limousine Company in South Florida for weddings and Proms.Terms and Conditions is the most popular of Limousine service in South Florida.

Payment is due at the moment:

  • Payment is due at the moment the passenger picks up the passenger.
  • fllimoride.com Company reserves all rights to substitute any vehicle for another vehicle as long as it’s the equivalent size or greater and isn’t different in color. All vehicles quoted are subject to availability at the time of booking, and rates may change without notice.
  • It is prohibited to smoke in any fllimoride.com Company vehicle. Anyone who smokes in the vehicle will be requested to put out the smoke, and furthermore, the Customer is charged an additional $100 for each incident. No possession, sale, or consumption of illegal or illicit drugs is allowed. Infractions could result in the immediate termination of contract services and the forfeiture of any money that was paid for deposits and fees for service.

  • Clean-up costs for accidents or vomit by customers are the charge of the Customer. Payment of $320.00 to repair or replace any component of the vehicle injured by any person

Number of passengers listed:

  • Drivers are not authorized to increase the number of passengers listed on your contract.
  • Driver gratuities are not mandatory; however, it is highly appreciated
  • fllimoride.com Company is not responsible for delays caused by accidents, traffic conditions, or any other unforeseeable act of God. Any time lost due to these factors will be refunded at the end of the scheduled charter. Any downsizing of the previously reserved duration of service or size of the vehicle will not release the Customer from the responsibility of paying the total amount of the charter originally booked.Best Limousine Company in South Florida.
  • If your charter extends past your reserved time slot, the remaining time will be charged in one-hour increments. This fee will be charged according to the standard charges for that day. This will be stated in the contract.
  • Children under 21 cannot consume alcoholic beverages. Without guardian legal, there is no way for alcohol to be allowed inside vehicles or served to passengers under 21 years of age. The journey will be canceled by forfeiting all charges and deposits in the event that alcohol is located on a person who is under 21. Consumption of alcohol by a minor is never tolerated under any circumstance. Alternative beverages are available upon the customer’s request at an additional charge.Best Limousine Company in South Florida.

Service is canceled:

  • The person responsible for the payment agrees that all deposits and charges are incurred by fllimoride.com Company and are not refundable if the service is canceled.
  • There are no refunds available if the service is canceled due to unruly conduct, damages to the vehicle, or any other reason that fllimoride.com Company finds acceptable. fllimoride.com Company reserves the right to deny the service in any manner it thinks is appropriate.Best Limousine Company in South Florida.
  • Exiting the sunroof when the vehicle is running is not permitted. If passengers are minors, the sun roof will remain closed and locked. Divided areas will remain locked, and the contact number for a parent of one of the passengers needs to be given to the driver before the journey.Best Limousine Company in South Florida.
  • fllimoride.com Company’s employees, as well as fllimoride.com Company, are expected to make decisions on their own.Best Limousine Company in South Florida for weddings and Proms.Terms and Conditions is the most popular of Limousine service in South Florida.

fllimoride.com Company is not responsible for:

  • If there is damage to the limousine caused by the Customer or any passenger or passenger, the limousine will be repaired at a $320.00 minimum cost, additionally, a charge will be applied for repairs and cleaning. This includes anyone getting sick inside the limousine. The decision regarding the unusual use or wear of the vehicle rests with fllimoride.com Company and only its knowledge of the general usage of limousines.

  • Damage or loss to luggage or carry-on baggage, including their contents. Any item that is damaged while in transit.Best Limousine Company in South Florida.
  • We are pleased to let you bring personal compact disks, videotapes, and other personal items. We cannot assume liability for items left in the vehicle during or after the limousine rental period.
  • Any failure or inability to use the service, for whatever reason, may include but is not limited to communications failures or other problems with transmission or delivery information accessed via it.