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Start Your Holiday with an Airport Limo Service

With our Fort Lauderdale airport limo service we get to see, time and again, the joy that a smooth start to your vacation a limo transfer is. It’s a fabulous part of what we do, enabling your holiday to start from your front door rather than waiting until arrival at your destination. But if you need convincing, here are our top reasons to book a Fort Lauderdale airport limo for your next vacation.

  1. It’s affordable, and cost-effective

When booking your holiday, the best place for your car to be left is at home. You can ensure it is kept securely without any hassles of parking. However, this leaves you considering public transport or an unreliable taxi, neither of which are particularly appealing when you’re starting your holiday and have luggage in tow.

Contrary to what you may think, a Fort Lauderdale airport limo won’t leave you with no spending money while you’re away. We offer affordable competitive rates to ensure you get exceptional and reliable service that makes sense.

  1. We know the tips, tricks, and locations

Flight-based vacations can get off to a stressful start due to difficult timings and deadlines. Will you get stuck in traffic? Where do you need to check in? It’s not conducive to a relaxing start. At FL Limoride, we know the South Florida area inside out. We’re familiar with the traffic as well as the terminal and check-in processes at both Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International and Miami International airports as well as many of the smaller airports in the area. This means we can tailor our limo service to your timings and ensure you’re where you need to be, on time, in comfort. We can even do multiple pick-ups and drop-offs.

  1. We make light work of your luggage

Struggling on transport, or even with your own vehicle, with your vacation luggage isn’t much fun. We take care of your luggage for you so that you can sit back and enjoy the ride. When we arrive at the airport we ensure you are dropped as close as possible to your check-in area, with assistance with using a trolley. It’s the easiest way to get your vacation started.

  1. We take a personalized approach

Not all limos are the same! We tailor your airport transfer to the size of your party and your requirements. This may mean a family vacation is best started from our 6 passenger White Ford Expedition Limo, whereas a bunch of friends vacationing together will be better suited to our 14 passenger Lincoln Navigator. We listen to what you need and make suggestions based on our experience. We will know your area and which vehicle is best, so get in touch to find out more.

  1. Comfort and luxury from your front door

Typically you have to wait until you arrive at your destination before your vacation really gets underway. Why do this when your vacation can start the moment you open your front door. Using a Fort Lauderdale airport limo means you step outside your door to chauffeured comfort and luxury. You can relax knowing your transfer is taken care of in the comfort and luxury of the limo itself.

So make the most of your next vacation by booking a FL Limoride Fort Lauderdale airport limo for your next vacation. We love being there at the start of your holiday, as well as being there to get you safely back home. We customize our service ensuring you get exactly the transfer you need. Give us a call today on 954-715-7444 and let us know where you’re next jetting off to.